Ivanna Sagan

Official psychologist in Spain and coach in US

Stop putting off solving important problems for later!

Often "Later" turns into "Never".

Take the first step towards your happy life.

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Ivanna Sagan

Official psychologist in Spain

▶ Stop postponing solving important problems for later!
▶ Often “Later” turns into “Never”.
▶ Take the first step towards your happy life.
▶ Use the services of a top-level specialist today!


Lilly, 52 years

   I want to thank Ivanna Sagan for the professional help that helped me return to myself, believe in my strength and get out of my very difficult life situation. My life program completely crashed. Immigration has reset my social circle. I was left without friends, the usual rhythm of life. My social status has dropped dramatically. 

 My husband had a very negative impact on my self-esteem, I felt like a woman in circulation. Age-related, not attractive and unnecessary. My adult children moved away, and having their own problems and questions, they could not become the support I needed so much. In general .. I was left alone with my problems.

   My world has collapsed! I decided to save myself! Through my acquaintances, I started looking for a contact of,a good psychologist.. I was recommended to Ivanna.

   I will say right away that after the first session I came out with the confidence that I can handle it! At the first meeting I cried a lot, I felt very sorry for myself, but in the process of working with a psychologist I realized that this is not the end, that this is the beginning of something new, that life is ahead! I took a course of 10 consultations. And now I continue to take consultations, although less often. I was lucky to find a good psychologist. It’s great luck to find a professional who can help you! Thank you, Ivanna Sagan, for being able to lead me across my chasm between my despair and the road ahead.

   Now I smile a lot and live with pleasure! Thanks for this.

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Veronica, 36 years

I called to Ivanna in a very unfortunate period of my life. From the first session, I realized that Ivanna is exactly the personwho listens carefully, understands the root of the problem, and makes recommendations.

After the first session with her, I felt a surge of energy and calmness. I also really liked the flexibility in the schedule, the cozy and warm atmosphere of her office. Thanks to her high-quality work, I was able to endure and get out of a negative situation much easier for me.

Many thanks to Ivanna!


9 diplomas and 6 academic degrees, 16 scientific publications

Experience and methodology

Unique personal techniques, worked out for 14 years of practice

Real reviews

Hundreds of people who have changed their lives thanks to working with me

Unique approach

Each client has his own unique story and we find a solution that helps him and works

Change in thinking

My clients' success stories are better than words

Work for results

Guaranteed result in the shortest possible time

Directions of my work

Emigration and successful adaptation abroad

✔ Adaptation to new living conditions abroad. New country, city, language, culture, mentality, new acquaintances, friendship, relationships, love, work.
✔ Acquiring a new status.
✔ How to help children, spouses, parents who find it difficult to adapt in Spain to life abroad.
✔ Build relationships with foreigners (at work and in private life).

Become yourself again

✔ Development of self-confidence.
✔ Overcoming stress, fears, depression, anxiety, panic attacks.
✔ Dealing with feelings of loneliness.
✔ Harmony and life satisfaction.

ADIOS manipulation

✔ Work with boundaries when others (even the closest ones) interfere in your life.
✔ Who are you: victim, aggressor or rescuer? The triangles we are drawn into.
✔ Manipulators: how to recognize and how to behave.
✔ Toxic connections, poisoning life.

Children and parents

✔ Find a common language with a difficult teenager.
✔ A relationship with your mother or father that is worried and needs a solution.
✔ Mutual understanding in parent-child relationships.

Love and couple

✔ Happy love and family relationships.
✔ How to start a family with a foreigner / Spanish.
✔ How to keep your family at a distance.
✔ Working with femininity, sexuality.

Money and self-realization

✔ How to make money in a new place.
✔ Dissatisfaction with life, work, relationships.
✔ Profession, work, money in a crisis.
✔ Self-realization.


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Often "later" turns into "never"!